Portable mobile analyzer of visual functions Stimulus



new generation

of medical devices

Research is carried out
with grant support
from the Skolkovo Foundation

welcome to the future

of human visual function testing

use all the capabilities of a professional VR system and a decision support system based on AI

Portable mobile analyzer of visual functions Stimulus
  • no dedicated dimmed room required
  • test any patient anywhere
  • no need to patch the fellow eye
  • the study can be carried out by paramedical staff
  • better reliability of results due to lower patient fatigue
  • proven accuracy (see independent study below)
  • affordable equipment cost
  • the possibility to implement innovative research methods
  • patients outside health facilities, in their home, on a ranch, in a mobile health center
  • bedridden patients and patients with limited mobility;
  • children;
  • patients who are unable to concentrate on one point;
  • patients without central vision

you can test:

do you need to perform tests

during the COVID-19 crisis?       

stimulus allows you to provide qualified 

medical care during a pandemic and quarantine

an easily portable stimulus system

can eliminate the need for a dedicated system in each office

additional features

Artificial Intelligence

research-based decision
support system


a large variety of tests for research in:

  • ophthalmology

  • neurology

  • rehabilitation etc

- on request

Portable mobile analyzer of visual functions Stimulus

open API

Ability to independently set up and carry out research using an intuitive test designer

unified cloud

cloud storing research results with remote
access option

portable mobile
visual field analyzer based
on VR system

                     Total Vision company develops innovative medical devices based on virtual reality systems. Our new device is the stimulus visual field analyzer (perimeter).

                     stimulus perimeter is designed to analyze disorders of the central visual field of a person.

The “decision support system” based on Artificial Intelligence increases the reliability and speed of diagnosis, saves money.

                     Today, with the help of the stimulus perimeter, it is possible to continue to provide professional medical services outside of inpatient medical facilities, even during a pandemic and quarantine, to ensure a healthy lifestyle and promote well-being for all people at any age.

what about the future...

The stimulus VR system can be effectively used in many areas of medicine and healthcare to solve a variety of tasks



  • infantile esotropia

  • amblyopia (lazy eye)

  • refractive errors

  • astigmatism, etc.


  • color perception (color test)

  • visual acuity

  • determination of threshold, contrast sensitivity, and dark adaptation


  • refractive errors

  • astigmatism, etc.

  • degenerative diseases
    of the retina,
    the optic nerve, etc.

Portable mobile analyzer of visual functions Stimulus
neurology - icon.png
rehabilitation - icon.png


videonystagmography in the diagnosis of oculomotor disorders


  • Parkinson's disease

  • multisystem atrophy

  • dementia with Lewy bodies

  • Alzheimer's disease

  • neuroacanthocytosis

  • multiple sclerosis

  • Gaucher disease, etc.



  • phobias

  • changes in visual perception as a result of cerebrovascular accidents and injuries


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