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Handheld, battery-powered, visual field analyzer (perimeter) stimulus – based on VR technology – capable of performing  numerous screening tests


The stimulus Visual Field Analyzer is a revolutionary advancement in visual field testing. This battery-operated and fully portable system, allows users to perform Screening visual field tests on patients in any setting. Whether your patient is disabled, or even bedridden, the stimulus can evaluate the patient’s vision within a few minutes.


The system is completely independent of any ambient light, which eliminates the need for a dark room or eye patch to occlude the fellow eye. 


The decision support system based on AI will automatically assess the progression of field defects on every threshold test report and help the physician identify abnormal test outcomes.


The control system on the tablet has a user-friendly interface, which offers a multitude of tests for detecting Visual Field Defects. The final printed report is designed to be familiar to physicians.

Portable mobile visual field analyzer (perimeter) Stimulus
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